Art Fix

Art Fix: 3 Cities, 3 Exhibitions

First up, Daejeon.

The members of the Daejeon Arts Collective are preparing something very special for you. Their exhibition, MADE IN KOREA, will include work from 13 artists representing five different countries. The opening reception will take place on May 17th at 7PM. If you can't make the reception, the art will be displayed every day from 10AM to 7PM until May 21st.

MADE IN KOREA will include photography, painting, mixed media, and more. With this many artists participating, it's going to be a diverse collection of work well worth your attention.

And in Ilsan....

Poet and visual artist Doug Stuber will hold an opening reception in Ilsan this Sunday, April 13th at 3PM. 'How I Feel Today' is a solo exhibition of Doug's impactful abstract paintings which will be on display until May 11th. Doug claims he's an "old school" artist who generally works without a concept and allows the viewer to "make their own subject" out of his emotions. His expressive painting technique is often without forethought which makes for a surprising and genuine end product. 

Let's not forget Daegu....

" You'll see this finished up on Saturday^^"

"You'll see this finished up on Saturday^^"

Brandon Inman gave us a taste of what he'd been working on this week in preparation for his opening reception at Gallery [t.] on Saturday. I got a look at the completed collection earlier this week and it's definitely some of the largest and most impressive work that we've had in Gallery [t.] so far. His wife claims that a lot of it is "too scary", so you know it's good!

After starting the night at Gallery [t.] this Saturday at 7PM, walk over to Jeng-iy bar to celebrate Busan band Beaches' album launch show (facebook invite HERE) presented by I Like Many Records. Great art and and great music all in one night? Pinch me!

Maps and/or directions to all the fun stuff mentioned above:
'How I Feel Today'
Gallery [t.]

- Lisa Highfill

Art Fix: Art Springing Up In Daegu And Daejeon

It’s that time again: We’re switching up the artists at Gallery [t.]. Daegu artist Brandon Inman will be showing his illustrations for the next two months with an opening reception on August 12th at 7PM.  Brandon’s work was originally featured way back in our November 2012 issue, and was also a part of our very first [b] list exhibition at Gukje Art Museum at Keimyung University in Daegu last year. Which reminds me! The deadline for submissions to our second annual [b] list exhibition is approaching, so keep an eye on your calendars if you’re planning to submit your work for consideration. Click here for submission details and guidelines. 





If you’re in Daejeon this month be sure not to miss the Artist Residency Temi Inaugural Exhibition which includes impressive sculptural pieces from [b]racket artist Jürgen Dünhofen.  Jurgen’s pieces, along with work from five other artists, will be on display until April 20th. I’ll refrain from making a 4/20 joke here. Jürgen's sculptures have a real presence to them and each one deserves a closer look outside of the pages of [b]racket. Click here for an interactive map to the exhibition space.


The weather is now officially perfect to spend your days off outdoors. Here’s a perfect way to do just that: Open every Saturday in April, Bangchun Art Market in Daegu will feature affordable crafts, jewelry, and art for sale. Not only is it free to walk around the market, but it’s also free for artists to participate and sell their own work. Foot traffic is high, so this would be a great place for artists and craftspeople to sell their work. If you’re an artist who is interested, visit the market’s facebook page and message the organizers (both of whom are past [b]racket artists) for more info.

To get to the art market, take the subway to Kyungpook National University Hospital Station on the green line. Go out exit 3 and walk straight towards the river. Take a right after VIPS Steakhouse and you can’t miss it. 

- Lisa Highfill

Art Fix: Artists From [b]racket's Past And Future

Korea loves a good photo booth. Andy Knowlton, a featured Seoul artist in our October 2013 issue, has created photo booths out of phone booths. Andy's phone/photo booths do not come equipped with the editing station that you're used to in Korea, and you can't decorate your pictures with random hangul bubble-text, teddy bears, or hearts. Andy's booths feature the bare minimum: a disposable camera secured to the booth with tape and a padlock. Once enough pictures have been snapped by strangers, he develops them and tapes the unedited photos inside the booths. There is a sweet sincerity to all of the photos captured--even the ubiquitous fuzzy middle-finger snap shot.

It's not surprising that Andy has embarked on another project that he has chosen to essentially give away. He's always been an artist who likes to leave it all behind. When living in America, Andy regularly wrote poems in movie theaters and coffee shops, then abandoned his work for someone else to discover. In Korea, he has art bombed Seoul with paintings, poetry, and handmade dolls made out of trash. His processes itself is simple, honest and poetic, as are the unedited photos that are randomly snapped with the disposable cameras. Check out the video above to see how Andy made phone booths in Seoul a lot more fun.

Let's take a peak in to the future together, shall we? Maria Vazquez Castel, a photographer slated to be in [b]racket's May 2014 issue, will be begin exhibiting her work this week at Gachang Art Studio where she is a current artist-in-residence. Her work will be displayed March 21st thru the 27th. The space will be open for you to enjoy her work from 11AM to 6PM everyday. Be sure to stop by and try to pick out which pieces we'll include in our May issue. Click the flyer below for a map to Gachang Art space.

- Lisa Highfill

Art Fix: What You Didn't Know You Were Missing

Did you know there’s an art gallery inside Youngsan Station on the green subway line? If so, I’d like to congratulate you on being a pretty observant person. Even though Metro Gallery is a reasonably large space inside the station, it’s very easy to pass by if you’re not looking for it. Maybe that’s because...

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Art Fix: Two By Two

What to do, what to do. Already went to the new gallery [t.]. Saw the Animamix exhibition at Daegu Art Museum. Went to the Art Factory. What's left to do on my cultural checklist? Don't worry, there is another spot you may not have ventured to yet. The wonderfully weird ARC should be next on your list of Daegu art destinations. The structure, which looks a lot like that spaceship from Flight of the Navigator, is on the westside of Daegu, past Keimyung University at Daesil station. The space is on an expansive concrete pavilion situated on the river, and hosts rotating art exhibitions throughout the year. There is a super cool seamless 360° projection screen on the second floor as well. And don't worry, there is the requisite cafe on the top floor. You can find some handy instructions on getting there here, but we recommend borrowing one of the free bikes from the Daesil subway station and riding over there. 

Nice open space.

Oh, and one more thing. Not to toot our own horn, but we got some more media attention from The Korea Herald last week. You can see the article here. Yay!

- Jess Hinshaw

Art Fix: Gallery [t.] Now Open in Daegu

You know what Daegu needs? It could really use a bimonthly rotating art gallery in a convenient area of downtown where people can grab a coffee, check out fantastic art, and even buy a piece or two if they really dig it. Oh look! We happen to have one right here!

I am beyond excited to announce the opening of Gallery [t.]--the result of combined efforts between [b]racket and our longtime supporter T. Morning.

In celebration of this collaboration's maiden voyage we'll be keepin' it in the family with works by our very own Christopher Cote, Jess Hinshaw, and Sybille Cavasin. This first round of art will be displayed from now until February 2nd. After that we'll be changing it up to feature the artists you know and love from past [b]racket issues.

Be sure to make it out for the opening reception on December 21st from 7-10 P.M.

Gallery [t.] and T. Morning (they are one and the same) are located just outside of Daegu Station. Check out the map below for easy navigating.

- Lisa Highfill

Art Fix: Food Fix: Havana


We'd like to take a moment this week, and seriously thank our longest sponsor - Kim Tae Hun, the owner of Havana Restaurant and all those awesome Havana Expresses. Havana is an amazing place to chill, eat great food, and be surrounded by art. On the walls of Havana are exhibitions of local artists' work, and on the window sills is a library of art, style, design, and fashion magazines there for your browsing pleasure. Kim is also a rad artist himself. You can check out his work at his site Dunkin Mustache.

We are pleased as punch that Kim supports art both in his restaurant and through us. Go grab some food or a drink. You'll be happy you did. (*Update: Havana no longer serves food. But everything else still stands! The coffee is still grand and art is still there to see!)

You can find Havana on the map on our locations page. It is on the same street as both Thursday Parties. Walk down the street with the Thursday Parties on you left. Keep going past Mass Coffee until you get to the store Fly to You. Havana is just past that. It's a little blue door. If you've made to to the Daegu Bank on your right, you've gone too far. Turn around and look up. You'll see it.

~ Kita Mendolia

Art Fix: Beer and the Beyond

I was also able to get a short interview with van den Berg on her art and the show. Here's what she had to say:

Kita Mendolia: Your photos are so beautifully creepy. Were you specifically trying to go for the shiver-up-the-spine feeling or did it just naturally evolve from both your medium of pin-hole photography and the subjects?

Tenille van den Berg: From the outset I envisioned creating ethereal images. While I was doing research on 'ghost-like' images, I came upon

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Parades, Costumes, and Art! Oh My!


Do you like parades? Yes, you do. Who doesn't like parades? Ok, so maybe not everyone. But, you're here reading this so you must like art. And for that reason, you should head downtown this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This weekend, the main shopping street that runs north to south between Daegu Station and Banwoldang Station will be hosting the annual Colorful Daegu Festival. This year's theme is "I Like Color, I Love Daegu." The festival works to bring together artists, performers, and the citizens of Daegu in two and a half days of celebration.

The main street is divided into two main sections. The southern section of the festival - between Jungangno Station and Banwoldang Station - has different spots reserved for performances of all sorts. Check out the bottom of the post on the blog Everyday In Korea for the program schedule in English. The parade, which is actually a contest, will be on Saturday and Sunday from 6:30pm to 9pm. The participants in this colorful contest range from businesses and clubs, to schools - elementary on up to university, to groups representing different districts in Daegu. And they are all competing for a tier of cash prizes totalling 100 million won! Holy jeez, that's a lot of money! The criteria? Be colorful and express your group.

Art booths will be set up along the northern section between Daegu Station and Jungangno Station. [b]racket's own Christopher Cote and Jess Hinshaw as Mesh Printing will have a booth from 4pm - 10pm on Saturday. Come out and grab some truly awesome prints. (Super-light art perfect for taping up on these concrete Korean walls that you can't hammer a nail into!) In this area, there will also be an open air cafe, a stage for music and for busking (*exclamation point!*), and a place to draw some of your own art with chalk (*double exclamation point!!*). Release your inner kid and draw with some chalk on the street!

(Sorry the map is only in Korean. It is literally the only one I could find that had useful information on it. No joke, guys.)

The zones are different spots for performance art. Again, check out Everyday In Korea for the time table. If you can read Korean or have a Korean pal, here's the website for the event. Come out and join the celebration. Who knows what amazing displays are in store for those of us who come out to see the artists, performs and people of Daegu! I know I'll be there. You should be too.

~ Kita Mendolia