The Art Store You've All Been Looking For

When an artist first moves to Korea, the first thing they're going to ask is, "Why is there not toilet paper in all public bathrooms?" The second thing they're going to ask is, "Where can I get quality art supplies?" The first question has no satisfying answer, I'm afraid. But the second question is easily answered: I Am Art Store!

I Am Art has been a go-to spot for artists in Korea for ages, and every newbie artist in Korea needs to know about it. I Am Art specializes in painting supplies, but they also have a strong variety of most other art supplies as well. It's a huge two-story space, with an additional mezzanine full of goodies. The owner, Park Soo Yong, is always willing to help you find what you're looking for...


...and he's a big fan of [b]racket, too!

I Am Art Store is easy to get to and open every day. Make your way over soon and take a look.

Take exit 4 from Myeongdeok subway station on the red line. Walk straight for less than a minute and you'll see the building on your left.

- Lisa Highfill
Photos by Jess Hinshaw