Stop The Bus! I See Art!

This isn't going to be a post about how we should collectively take our faces out of our smartphones and "experience the world already!" because you've seen enough PSAs on social media (probably on your smartphone) about that. BUT! I will say that had I not been looking out the window while on the bus and enjoying the everyday sights of Daegu, I wouldn't have noticed a gallery space tucked to the side of Suseong Artpia's mega concert hall.


The building is a combination of a couple of gallery spaces and an arts academy, so if you go during the week you'll have to wade through a sea of apathetic middle schoolers to reach the two gallery spaces. The first one on the right is the Multi-Art Hall which is currently housing the RYU Group Exhibition. As the gallery name suggests, there are multiple artists and mediums highlighted here and each artist has a maximum of two pieces on display.

Jung, Young Lok

Jung, Young Lok

The exhibition has a short running time of a week (September 2nd thru the 9th) which leads me to believe that this space could possibly display new work every week or so.

Come out of the RYU Exhibition and turn right to head to Hoban Gallery. This larger space is featuring work by artist Lee Junil. Lee is bold with color as well as subject matter. Almost all of Lee's pieces are brightly colored oil pastel nudes on canvas and paper. His style is consistent and gives a sense of urgency, even though the subjects are usually in relaxed poses.

Lee has also compiled a book of smaller drawings which is displayed along the front wall of the gallery. Each sketch is accompanied by a short poem. Here's one to get you hooked:

Looking vacantly over the sky through the open window
The clouds are clearing away
When it clears, I may hike a mountain?
But I'm hesitant to leave.

Something upsets me today.

Bam! Right in the feels.

Lee Junil's work will only be on display until Sunday the 7th. That means those of you who are in Daegu for the Chuseok holiday have just enough time to make the trip to Suseong Artpia to check out these exhibitions.

And forget the haters who tell you to stop looking at your phones. Baby animals deserve your attention. I'll keep my eyes peeled for awesome art events in Korea so you don't have to. 

How to get there:

Take the subway to Dong Daegu Station on Line 1. Catch the 403 bus outside of exit 3. Get off at the Suseong Artpia stop. Other busses that stop at Suseong Artpia are the 400, 400-1, 402, 449, and 814. 

Closed on Mondays

- Lisa Highfill