Lawrence Blackman Is An Animul

He's a man of few words, that is unless he's feeling super wordy.

Featured in our June 2014 issue, Lawrence Blackman sets himself apart as an artist who seldom re-draws and often keeps editing to a minimum. Whether it's a drawing of a single flower or something resembling a stream of consciousness journal entry, Blackman always tells the truth. And he makes it seem so easy.

Blackman has previously compiled two collections of his drawings with his books "The Most Beautiful Colour on Earth" and "Mountains of Light". Now he is introducing a third book of drawings, "Animul". As with his past work, he hopes to stir up questions about human interaction and our relationship with the world around us. 

What is interesting about Blackman's work is the range of emotions that it manages to stir with its simplistic drawings and straightforward statements. His work can seem cheery, innocent and hopeful while at the same time possessing a smart, dark humor. It can make you want to yell "Everything is meaningless!" with a huge smile on your face, lifting your hands towards the sky. Or, you could find yourself whimpering the exact same sentiment with your head in your hands. You can decide if the message is positive or nihilistic. Blackman wants to leave it up to you.

View more of Blackman's work on his website and stay up to date on his latest drawings, accomplishments and events on his facebook page.

- Lisa Highfill