Martyn Thompson

This Weekend: 2 Things To Do On Saturday That Are More Than Just Drinking

Gallery [t.] is excited to host our fourth installation of work from another talented [b]racket artist.

Martyn Thompson will be bringing selected works from his Korean Bow Collection 2014 to Daegu. A catalog of additional undisplayed works will also be available for you to browse through. Wanna know why you're lucky? Well, since Gallery [t.] will be the last stop for this body of work, Thompson has decided to reduce the prices of his pieces by 50%, putting them at 50,000 - 150,000 won depending on size. Here's an opportunity to spruce up your terribly wallpapered apartment (don't be ashamed, we all deal with this struggle) with amazing art.

A raffle to win a piece from the Korean Bow Collection 2014 will also be held during the opening. So come to Gallery [t.] on saturday, have a coffee and get a dose of culture before heading in to the abyss of downtown Daegu for the night.

The fun starts at 6PM. Click HERE for a map to Gallery [t.]

Already have plans to take it to the beach this weekend? Can't blame you. If you'll be in Busan this saturday, help Daegu band Colours go out with a bang during their LAST SHOW EVER (in Busan...maybe?). They'll be celebrating with Busan bands Say Sue Me and Barbie Dolls at The Basement. Click HERE for more information on the facebook event page. What would we do without facebook? Answer: probably a lot more with our time. But damn if it isn't convenient for events. 

Directions to The Basement can be found HERE.

- Lisa Highfill

Art Fix: Take A Bow founder, curator, and past [b]racket artist Martyn Thompson will be presenting his third solo exhibition very soon, on May 17th in Gwangju. Thompson's exhibit will feature photographs from his Korean Bow Collection 2014. In an artist statement he explains that many customs in Korea are subtle and generally have far more meaning to older Koreans than to the newer generations who are quickly moving away from many of the country's traditions. Thompson's collection highlights the complexities and intricacies of the Korean bow by following each model from standing to a full, deep bow.

[b]racket writer Whit Altizer wrote about Thompson's art in the November 2013 issue: "Thompson's work isn't something you can casually glance at in an exhibit and then move on. It captivates you; it forces you to think. And this is his goal: whether you want to or not, he wants you to think."

Thompson's thought provoking pieces will be on display from May 17th to June 7th with an opening reception on the 17th at 7PM at PDG Gallery. Click the image above for more information on the event's facebook page. Click Here for the most accurate google map you're bound to find. The gallery is on the 5th floor of the medical building that has the Mr. Pizza sign on it. 

- Lisa Highfill