[b]racket On Film And APMagnotti On Pretty Much Everything

Last month, Korean arts website ILoveINDI sat down with our fearless leader Jess Hinshaw to find out more about [b]racket magazine and the artists it features. Check out the video below.

Hinshaw explains how to artistically crack a nut between the thumb and middle fingers

Jess makes a good point: We don't care if you're an artist who is showing your work for the first or 400th time. As long as you're serious about your art and have the drive to share it, we want to see it. And submitting is easy. Just click the Submissions tab at the top of the page and show us what you've got.

We often hear of [b]racket readers cutting out art from the magazine and framing it to decorate their apartments. And what we'd like to say to those readers is HAY THOSE COST MONEY COOL IT.

Just kidding!! We love that you love the art enough to display it, so more power to ya. We'll even lend you the scissors.

But if you want to keep your [b]rackets intact, check and see if your favorite featured artist is selling their work at Society6. The online art market is a fantastic place to snag affordable prints, t-shirts and unique gifts. Past [b]racket artist Frenemy has been selling his work on the website for a while, and now May 2014 artist APMagnotti is on the inside of the Society6 circle.

Power Hungry by APMagnotti

Power Hungry by APMagnotti

APMagnotti is now featuring two pieces for sale in various forms on the website. You could get the piece above on a hoodie, tank top, cell phone case, or stretched canvas. There are even more options than the ones I just listed, so click on the image above to check them all out at Society6.

- Lisa Highfill