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Apollo Redirection: Get Spacey This Weekend At Gallery [t.]

The entire [b]racket team wish we could give you all individual bear hugs for coming out to our 2nd annual [b] list exhibition last weekend. The turnout, the art, and the discussion were all fantastic. 

my photo app skillz are on point.

my photo app skillz are on point.

...and on the the next one. It's time for a new Gallery [t.] artist to hang their work in the T. Morning cafe. The next artist up to bat has been on the books for a while, and we're so excited to finally have his work in Daegu from Seoul this Saturday, October 4th. Park Dongseok was featured in [b]racket just over a year ago with his photographs of the Eun Sook Do wetlands. His newer work, Apollo Redirection, focuses on space travel and the impact that humans are already having on the galactic environment.


Park Dongseok's digitally modified images are stylistically very different from his previous work highlighted in our September 2013 issue, but just as impressive.


Join us at Gallery [t.] this Saturday at 7PM for the opening reception of Apollo Redirection. The pieces will officially be for sale beginning at 7PM, and will continue to be on display until December 6th. Click Here for the official Facebook invite. For directions, click the Gallery [t.] tab at the top of the page.

Before heading downtown on Saturday to check out the reception at Gallery [t.], make a stop at Beomeo Art Street. The group is hosting a new batch of artists for the month of October and the line up is looking great. There is a variety of work from photography to installation art. Many [b]racket alumni are artists who have also had their work displayed in one of the many galleries within the Beomeo metro station. Browsing Art Street is one way to see what some past [b]racket artists are up to now. Maybe you'll even spot an artist who we have lined up to grace our pages in the future.

Take a closer look at this gallery in Beomeo Art Street to see what's so strange about this seemingly normal collection of everyday objects.

Take a closer look at this gallery in Beomeo Art Street to see what's so strange about this seemingly normal collection of everyday objects.

To get there, take the green line to Beomeo Station. Follow the escalators up and continue walking straight for a bit. You'll start to see the galleries on either side of you. The large glass walls of each space allow you to view the art from the main hallway even if the galleries have shut their doors for the night.

- Lisa Highfill

Art Fix: 3 Cities, 3 Exhibitions

First up, Daejeon.

The members of the Daejeon Arts Collective are preparing something very special for you. Their exhibition, MADE IN KOREA, will include work from 13 artists representing five different countries. The opening reception will take place on May 17th at 7PM. If you can't make the reception, the art will be displayed every day from 10AM to 7PM until May 21st.

MADE IN KOREA will include photography, painting, mixed media, and more. With this many artists participating, it's going to be a diverse collection of work well worth your attention.

And in Ilsan....

Poet and visual artist Doug Stuber will hold an opening reception in Ilsan this Sunday, April 13th at 3PM. 'How I Feel Today' is a solo exhibition of Doug's impactful abstract paintings which will be on display until May 11th. Doug claims he's an "old school" artist who generally works without a concept and allows the viewer to "make their own subject" out of his emotions. His expressive painting technique is often without forethought which makes for a surprising and genuine end product. 

Let's not forget Daegu....

" You'll see this finished up on Saturday^^"

"You'll see this finished up on Saturday^^"

Brandon Inman gave us a taste of what he'd been working on this week in preparation for his opening reception at Gallery [t.] on Saturday. I got a look at the completed collection earlier this week and it's definitely some of the largest and most impressive work that we've had in Gallery [t.] so far. His wife claims that a lot of it is "too scary", so you know it's good!

After starting the night at Gallery [t.] this Saturday at 7PM, walk over to Jeng-iy bar to celebrate Busan band Beaches' album launch show (facebook invite HERE) presented by I Like Many Records. Great art and and great music all in one night? Pinch me!

Maps and/or directions to all the fun stuff mentioned above:
'How I Feel Today'
Gallery [t.]

- Lisa Highfill

Art Fix: Art Springing Up In Daegu And Daejeon

It’s that time again: We’re switching up the artists at Gallery [t.]. Daegu artist Brandon Inman will be showing his illustrations for the next two months with an opening reception on August 12th at 7PM.  Brandon’s work was originally featured way back in our November 2012 issue, and was also a part of our very first [b] list exhibition at Gukje Art Museum at Keimyung University in Daegu last year. Which reminds me! The deadline for submissions to our second annual [b] list exhibition is approaching, so keep an eye on your calendars if you’re planning to submit your work for consideration. Click here for submission details and guidelines. 





If you’re in Daejeon this month be sure not to miss the Artist Residency Temi Inaugural Exhibition which includes impressive sculptural pieces from [b]racket artist Jürgen Dünhofen.  Jurgen’s pieces, along with work from five other artists, will be on display until April 20th. I’ll refrain from making a 4/20 joke here. Jürgen's sculptures have a real presence to them and each one deserves a closer look outside of the pages of [b]racket. Click here for an interactive map to the exhibition space.


The weather is now officially perfect to spend your days off outdoors. Here’s a perfect way to do just that: Open every Saturday in April, Bangchun Art Market in Daegu will feature affordable crafts, jewelry, and art for sale. Not only is it free to walk around the market, but it’s also free for artists to participate and sell their own work. Foot traffic is high, so this would be a great place for artists and craftspeople to sell their work. If you’re an artist who is interested, visit the market’s facebook page and message the organizers (both of whom are past [b]racket artists) for more info.

To get to the art market, take the subway to Kyungpook National University Hospital Station on the green line. Go out exit 3 and walk straight towards the river. Take a right after VIPS Steakhouse and you can’t miss it. 

- Lisa Highfill