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Apollo Redirection: Get Spacey This Weekend At Gallery [t.]

The entire [b]racket team wish we could give you all individual bear hugs for coming out to our 2nd annual [b] list exhibition last weekend. The turnout, the art, and the discussion were all fantastic. 

my photo app skillz are on point.

my photo app skillz are on point.

...and on the the next one. It's time for a new Gallery [t.] artist to hang their work in the T. Morning cafe. The next artist up to bat has been on the books for a while, and we're so excited to finally have his work in Daegu from Seoul this Saturday, October 4th. Park Dongseok was featured in [b]racket just over a year ago with his photographs of the Eun Sook Do wetlands. His newer work, Apollo Redirection, focuses on space travel and the impact that humans are already having on the galactic environment.


Park Dongseok's digitally modified images are stylistically very different from his previous work highlighted in our September 2013 issue, but just as impressive.


Join us at Gallery [t.] this Saturday at 7PM for the opening reception of Apollo Redirection. The pieces will officially be for sale beginning at 7PM, and will continue to be on display until December 6th. Click Here for the official Facebook invite. For directions, click the Gallery [t.] tab at the top of the page.

Before heading downtown on Saturday to check out the reception at Gallery [t.], make a stop at Beomeo Art Street. The group is hosting a new batch of artists for the month of October and the line up is looking great. There is a variety of work from photography to installation art. Many [b]racket alumni are artists who have also had their work displayed in one of the many galleries within the Beomeo metro station. Browsing Art Street is one way to see what some past [b]racket artists are up to now. Maybe you'll even spot an artist who we have lined up to grace our pages in the future.

Take a closer look at this gallery in Beomeo Art Street to see what's so strange about this seemingly normal collection of everyday objects.

Take a closer look at this gallery in Beomeo Art Street to see what's so strange about this seemingly normal collection of everyday objects.

To get there, take the green line to Beomeo Station. Follow the escalators up and continue walking straight for a bit. You'll start to see the galleries on either side of you. The large glass walls of each space allow you to view the art from the main hallway even if the galleries have shut their doors for the night.

- Lisa Highfill

This Weekend: It's Gonna Be Big

Beomeo Art Street never disappoints in showcasing quality artwork in Daegu. Beginning on May 1st, a new exhibition of work from Korean artist Kim Jae Kyung and Chinese artist Yu Shaoze will occupy Project B Gallery.

While being shown together, the artists' works are vastly different from one another. Yu Shaoze's photographs depict a miniature world in which candles act out scenes from our daily lives. Kim Jae Kyung's "New World" mixed media installation of winged figures in flight utilizes the entire space with calm pastels. Kim wants the viewer to wander around the space and eventually leave feeling lighter than when they came in.

The exhibition is free (as always) and will run for the entire month of May. 

To get to Project B Gallery in Daegu, hop off the subway at Beomeo on the green line and head towards exit 8.

Don't forget, Big Day South is almost upon us! Two of our favorite venues in Daegu will host artists and musicians from Ulsan, Daegu and Busan THIS Saturday, April 26th. Take a peek at all of the events you'll be able to experience for only 15,000 won!

Social Market - 소셜마켓: (events from 12-4PM)
Moke + Pal Lo (Street Art) 12pm onwards
Mine Lee/이민혜 (Acoustic) 12:10 - 12:50
Andrew Blad (Classical) 1:10 - 1:50
William Joseph Leitzman (Digital Comic) 2pm - 2:30
Cindi L'Abbe (Dance) 2:45 - 3:15
Kim Yi-hwa / 김이화 (Fine Art) 3:30 - 4:00

URBAN Lounge Club : (events from 5pm - Forever o'clock)
The Elsewheres (Ulsan) 5:30 - 6:00
The Curses (Daegu) 6:15 - 6:45
Sean O'Gorman (Ulsan - Spoken Word) 7:00 - 7:30
November on Earth (Daegu) 7:30 - 8:00
Colours (Daegu) 8:15 - 8:45
유카리(YUKARI) (Seoul) 9:00 - 9:30
도그스타 / Dogstar (Daegu) 9:45 - 10:15
Say Sue Me (Busan) 10:30 - 11:00
yamagata tweakster (Daegu/Seoul) 11:15 - Midnight 
DJ Duho Thor (Daegu) Midnight onward

We're so excited to be part of an event that is sure to prove that there's much more art and music in Korea outside of Seoul to be seen and heard.

Tickets will only be available the day of the festival at these fine locations. Click the venue names for maps

T-Morning: 10am until 11:30
Social Market: 12pm until 3:30
Club Urban: 5pm until 11pm

- Lisa Highfill

Art Fix: What You Didn't Know You Were Missing

Did you know there’s an art gallery inside Youngsan Station on the green subway line? If so, I’d like to congratulate you on being a pretty observant person. Even though Metro Gallery is a reasonably large space inside the station, it’s very easy to pass by if you’re not looking for it. Maybe that’s because...

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