Holy Awesomely Designed Pieces of Daily Life, Batman!

I walked into the Daegu Design Center's World Design Week exhibition, and the first words that popped out of my mouth were, "This is so COOL!" Everything is eye-catching. The exhibit is a playful combination of art designed to be functional, functional things given an artistic edge, and whimsical recreations of the stuff of life.

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Parades, Costumes, and Art! Oh My!


Do you like parades? Yes, you do. Who doesn't like parades? Ok, so maybe not everyone. But, you're here reading this so you must like art. And for that reason, you should head downtown this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This weekend, the main shopping street that runs north to south between Daegu Station and Banwoldang Station will be hosting the annual Colorful Daegu Festival. This year's theme is "I Like Color, I Love Daegu." The festival works to bring together artists, performers, and the citizens of Daegu in two and a half days of celebration.

The main street is divided into two main sections. The southern section of the festival - between Jungangno Station and Banwoldang Station - has different spots reserved for performances of all sorts. Check out the bottom of the post on the blog Everyday In Korea for the program schedule in English. The parade, which is actually a contest, will be on Saturday and Sunday from 6:30pm to 9pm. The participants in this colorful contest range from businesses and clubs, to schools - elementary on up to university, to groups representing different districts in Daegu. And they are all competing for a tier of cash prizes totalling 100 million won! Holy jeez, that's a lot of money! The criteria? Be colorful and express your group.

Art booths will be set up along the northern section between Daegu Station and Jungangno Station. [b]racket's own Christopher Cote and Jess Hinshaw as Mesh Printing will have a booth from 4pm - 10pm on Saturday. Come out and grab some truly awesome prints. (Super-light art perfect for taping up on these concrete Korean walls that you can't hammer a nail into!) In this area, there will also be an open air cafe, a stage for music and for busking (*exclamation point!*), and a place to draw some of your own art with chalk (*double exclamation point!!*). Release your inner kid and draw with some chalk on the street!

(Sorry the map is only in Korean. It is literally the only one I could find that had useful information on it. No joke, guys.)

The zones are different spots for performance art. Again, check out Everyday In Korea for the time table. If you can read Korean or have a Korean pal, here's the website for the event. Come out and join the celebration. Who knows what amazing displays are in store for those of us who come out to see the artists, performs and people of Daegu! I know I'll be there. You should be too.

~ Kita Mendolia

Oh, The Places [b] Will Go

The weekend of June 22nd and 23rd found our editor Jess Hinshaw and designer Christopher Cote up in Seoul for the 2013 Seoul International Book Fair. Invited by Graphic Magazine of Propaganda Press in Seoul, [b]racket's three most recent issues were exhibited in the Independently Published Books and Magazines section of the fair at COEX. We all thought it was pretty cool that Hye Song at Graphic Magazine saw a copy of [b]racket on a coffee table at her Seoul office. How did it get there? We dunno. But we're sure glad it did. Seriously. Shout out to Hye Song for picking up that issue and thinking it was good enough to be in the International Book Fair. We're totally psyched to have been invited. And thank you to whomever brought their copy of [b]racket to that office. *High five*

So, rad readers, take your [b]racket with you and share. Spread art, spread beauty, spread words. Spread awesome.

~ Kita Mendolia