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This Weekend: Seyong Chung Gives Us The Space We Need

One sign of a great artist is when they can continue to surprise us. Seyong Chung (cover artist of the September 2013 issue) is an installation artist from Daegu whose past use of metal and light has produced some amazing galactic installation pieces. His work can make the viewer feel as if they have entered a planetarium as light shines through pinholes in metal and creates a calm, meditative atmosphere.

Now, Chung has created a vastly different environment with his exhibition of 스페이스 1970 (Space 1970) at Bongsan Culture Center in downtown Daegu. The artist has exchanged metal for wood and has included many found objects in his work. The entire installation looks like someone has prematurely moved in to a new house which has only just begun to be framed.

[b]racket editors Jess Hinshaw and Chris Cote we lucky enough to attend Chung's opening reception on Wednesday as Chung stepped out of his comfort zone and presented an affecting performance piece.

Jess commented that "it was impressive to see an artist who is so well established continue to evolve his work and try something new so successfully."

Chung continues to wow us. Be sure to see his newest exhibition before Sunday, November 9th on the second floor of Bongsan Culture Center. 

The exhibition is free to enter. Click Here for a map to the venue.

- Lisa Highfill

Asian Contemporary Photography: Jung Yeondoo & Wang Qingsong Set The Stage

There is a balancing act happening in Korea as well as other countries in Asia. Tradition is finding a new position within culture as industry and technology are becoming more important to rising economies. This topic is the focus of much of the photographs on display at Daegu Art Museum as part of the current Asian Contemporary Photography exhibition. 

Korean artist Jung Yeondoo (curator of our June 2013 issue) and Chinese photographer Wang Qingsong focus mainly on creating scenes with their photographs. Rather than capturing a candid moment, these artists set the stage, intentionally creating a fantasy or highlighting a social issue.

Jung Yeondoo interprets children's drawings in to real life dreamscapes.

Jung Yeondoo interprets children's drawings in to real life dreamscapes.

Jung Yeondoo's work always straddles reality and a dream.  Upon first glance, his images seem to be set in a place we are familiar with -- a bedroom or field of flowers -- but we quickly discover that some small details don't align with our expectations. Exaggerated elements and quixotic details give a magical playfulness to each piece. Jung invites us to think about how our realities and dream worlds are connected, and where the boundary between the two lies. 

Follow You - Wang Qinsong

Follow You - Wang Qinsong

Wang Qingsong shows his perspective on the effects of extreme capitalism on modern China with his work. His large scale photographs usually involve numerous people which creates drama and helps to illustrate how industry can marginalize the majority of a population. Qingsong often utilizes satire and metaphors to address these heavy issues. 

The Asian Contemporary Photography exhibition will be on display until February 1st, and it's only 1,000 won to check out the entire museum. Be sure to take advantage of having this amazing collection of work here in Daegu.

- Lisa Highfill

How to get there:
Subway: Daegu Grand Park Station on subway line #2 at Exit No.5
A shuttle bus that runs every 30 minutes can take you from the subway station to the museum for free. 

The 604 and 403 busses also stop at the museum.

(More Than) 3 Spots To Hit For The Best Biennale Yet

(More Than) 3 Spots To Hit For The Best Biennale Yet

The 2014 Daegu Photo Biennale: Photographic Narrative will run until October 19th at three main locations: The Daegu Culture and Arts Center, Bongsan Culture Center, and Daegu Art Factory. Each location focuses on various themes. Below is a quick guide to give you a taste of what you can expect from each leg of your photo tour (which you definitely need to take).

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Circumstantial Identity: The 2nd Annual [b] List Exhibition Is Almost Here!

Has it really been a year already?

smiling [b] list babes in 2013

smiling [b] list babes in 2013

We were so happy with the quality and turn out of last year's first ever [b] list exhibition, and we could not be more excited for this year's event at Keimyung University's Black Gallery. We will be presenting new work from past [b]racket artists which will all follow the theme of Circumstantial Identity.  We'll have a variety of mediums displayed including painting, photography, film, sculpture and performance art. We've been hard at work setting up the space this week, and things are looking great.

And now we only have 9 more days until the opening reception! As with all things [b]racket, [b] list: Circumstantial Identity will be a free event. We'll open the doors on Saturday, September 27th at 2pm and will close up at 5pm. You can grab some back issues of [b]racket while you're there. We'll also have some stickers and t-shirts available while they last. 

If you aren't able to make the opening reception (c'mon, miss THIS??) then be sure to visit the exhibition before it ends on October 2nd. The Black Gallery will be open Tuesday - Sunday, 9AM to 5PM.

Want to invite your friends? Of course you do. The facebook invite is HERE.


First and foremost, DO NOT go to the Keimyung University campus on the westside of Daegu. If you're headed there, you're going to the wrong campus. Follow the directions below instead.

Cabbin' it? Tell the cab driver "Keimyung Daemyeong-dong Campus"

From MYEONGDOK station: Walk out exit 1. Walk straight. You’ll be walking along the same road where the monorail is being built. You’ll pass the Prince Hotel on your left. Cross to the other side of the street at the crosswalk just after the Prince Hotel. Now you are on the same side of the street as the Hotel. Keep walking straight until you get to the next major intersection. (From Myeongdok station, about 7-10 minutes). Once you reach the intersection, (you’ll see the station for the monorail being built on your right) cross and keep walking straight. Turn left up the hill at the first street on your right. This will take you directly to the Keimyung University Campus Gates. Once inside the gates, walk to the left and walk past the parking attendant’s booth down a small hill. The Black Gallery is in the building to the left.

From KEIMYUNG DAEMYEONG BUS STOP: Walk towards Myeongdok station. At the first small street, turn right up the hill towards the university. This will take you directly to the Keimyung University Campus Gates. Once inside the gates, walk to the left and walk past the parking attendant’s booth down a small hill. The Black Gallery is in the building to the left.

From DIGITAL INDUSTRY BUS STOP: Walk towards the large, curved building on your left. At the first small street, turn left up the hill towards the university. You will be walking past the NamGwang Church (남광교회) on your right. This will take you directly to the Keimyung University Campus Gates. Once inside the gates, walk to the left and walk past the parking attendant’s booth down a small hill. The Black Gallery is in the building to the left.

- Lisa Highfill

Ha Chong Hyun: Supporting Thoughtful Quiet Spaces Since 1970

Part of me wants Wooson Gallery to be full of visitors whenever I visit. Any time I decide to go, I have hope that when I walk in I will see loads of expats and Koreans enjoying this amazing downtown art gallery. But usually the place is deserted save for the one attendant behind the front desk in the open foyer. While I wish more people would take advantage of this great space that is always exhibiting interesting work,  another (larger?) part of me wants it to stay exactly the way it is -- a mostly empty and totally silent place for me to wander.

This was the perfect environment to view the current exhibited collection of work from Korean artist Ha Chong Hyun. Ha has been practicing his art for decades. After graduating from Hongik University in 1959, he began and has maintained a successful career by exhibiting his work around the world.

Ha's paintings are striking. They are large in scale and should be viewed from a distance for a few moments before coming in for a closer look. As you do move closer to each piece, the texture is tempting to touch (but don't touch it, duh). Texture is used by many painters to create dynamic and complex pieces, but I personally have never seen a technique implemented quite like Ha's.

Ha wraps burlap over each large canvas and pushes acrylic paint through the back, causing the pigment to push through the porous material. But this is just the base of each of Ha's paintings. From here, he plays. Sometimes the paint is scraped, pressed, or brushed across the canvas. Each decision he makes with a piece is precise and effective. Ha seems to use the pigment more as a material than as variation in tone or hue. Most of his pieces are monochromatic with the texture demanding the most attention. 

Ha's works are large and commanding while still holding a delicacy and softness. They are quiet pieces, and fit well within their calm environment at the modern Wooson Gallery. The collection is a perfect fit for the space, and a perfect way for you to spend an afternoon.

There's much more to learn about Ha and his work than can fit in to a single post. Take the time to sit in the foyer of Wooson and flip through their collection of art books behind the counter. The receptionist will be happy to lend you one in English or Korean. 

Did I mention it's FREE? It is. 
Gallery hours: Monday - Saturday, 10:30AM - 7PM (6PM on national holidays)
Exhibition Dates: ends July 27th
Directions to Wooson: Take exit 9 from Banwoldang station. Take your first right (under the big awning) and walk for about a minute. Wooson Gallery is the large concrete building on your left.

- Lisa Highfill


Art Fix: Jung Jae Hoon Shows Us How It's Made

Art Fix: Jung Jae Hoon Shows Us How It's Made

Jung Jae Hoon's current exhibition in the Y Artist Project room, entitled esquisse, confirmed that I had once again saved the best for last. I happened to go to the museum during a time when the exhibitions in the main building were on their way out, but Jung's work in the Y Artist Project room had been freshly installed...

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Art Fix: Take A Bow founder, curator, and past [b]racket artist Martyn Thompson will be presenting his third solo exhibition very soon, on May 17th in Gwangju. Thompson's exhibit will feature photographs from his Korean Bow Collection 2014. In an artist statement he explains that many customs in Korea are subtle and generally have far more meaning to older Koreans than to the newer generations who are quickly moving away from many of the country's traditions. Thompson's collection highlights the complexities and intricacies of the Korean bow by following each model from standing to a full, deep bow.

[b]racket writer Whit Altizer wrote about Thompson's art in the November 2013 issue: "Thompson's work isn't something you can casually glance at in an exhibit and then move on. It captivates you; it forces you to think. And this is his goal: whether you want to or not, he wants you to think."

Thompson's thought provoking pieces will be on display from May 17th to June 7th with an opening reception on the 17th at 7PM at PDG Gallery. Click the image above for more information on the event's facebook page. Click Here for the most accurate google map you're bound to find. The gallery is on the 5th floor of the medical building that has the Mr. Pizza sign on it. 

- Lisa Highfill

This Weekend: It's Gonna Be Big

Beomeo Art Street never disappoints in showcasing quality artwork in Daegu. Beginning on May 1st, a new exhibition of work from Korean artist Kim Jae Kyung and Chinese artist Yu Shaoze will occupy Project B Gallery.

While being shown together, the artists' works are vastly different from one another. Yu Shaoze's photographs depict a miniature world in which candles act out scenes from our daily lives. Kim Jae Kyung's "New World" mixed media installation of winged figures in flight utilizes the entire space with calm pastels. Kim wants the viewer to wander around the space and eventually leave feeling lighter than when they came in.

The exhibition is free (as always) and will run for the entire month of May. 

To get to Project B Gallery in Daegu, hop off the subway at Beomeo on the green line and head towards exit 8.

Don't forget, Big Day South is almost upon us! Two of our favorite venues in Daegu will host artists and musicians from Ulsan, Daegu and Busan THIS Saturday, April 26th. Take a peek at all of the events you'll be able to experience for only 15,000 won!

Social Market - 소셜마켓: (events from 12-4PM)
Moke + Pal Lo (Street Art) 12pm onwards
Mine Lee/이민혜 (Acoustic) 12:10 - 12:50
Andrew Blad (Classical) 1:10 - 1:50
William Joseph Leitzman (Digital Comic) 2pm - 2:30
Cindi L'Abbe (Dance) 2:45 - 3:15
Kim Yi-hwa / 김이화 (Fine Art) 3:30 - 4:00

URBAN Lounge Club : (events from 5pm - Forever o'clock)
The Elsewheres (Ulsan) 5:30 - 6:00
The Curses (Daegu) 6:15 - 6:45
Sean O'Gorman (Ulsan - Spoken Word) 7:00 - 7:30
November on Earth (Daegu) 7:30 - 8:00
Colours (Daegu) 8:15 - 8:45
유카리(YUKARI) (Seoul) 9:00 - 9:30
도그스타 / Dogstar (Daegu) 9:45 - 10:15
Say Sue Me (Busan) 10:30 - 11:00
yamagata tweakster (Daegu/Seoul) 11:15 - Midnight 
DJ Duho Thor (Daegu) Midnight onward

We're so excited to be part of an event that is sure to prove that there's much more art and music in Korea outside of Seoul to be seen and heard.

Tickets will only be available the day of the festival at these fine locations. Click the venue names for maps

T-Morning: 10am until 11:30
Social Market: 12pm until 3:30
Club Urban: 5pm until 11pm

- Lisa Highfill

Art Fix: The Secret To LIFE

The Daegu National Museum is offering up something special over the next couple of months that photography fans won't want to miss. Some of history's most important photographs will be on display as part of the LIFE Photography Exhibition which kicked off on Tuesday and will run until June 28th. 

While most magazines of its time began with the intent to spotlight writers, LIFE was the first weekly publication to specifically focus on photographers. 130 photos from the impactful publication will be featured. The photographs will play on the themes of "People vs People" (think historical figures), "Moments" (major historical moments in history), "It's Life" (snapshots of everyday life), and "Kiss the Life" (lots of smooching pictures, from what I can gather). 

The cost of the exhibition is 12,000 won. Check the bottom of the post for directions.

Pssst...skip ahead if you hate things like secret passwords and saving money:

Alright. Word on the street is if you show up to view the LIFE Photography Exhibition on Friday April 18th at 4PM, all you have to do is WINK ; ) at the receptionist and say "I missed Daegu Art Museum" and the first 20 people to do so will be given free entry. Literally, you have to wink at the receptionist and say a secret phrase. While this would be a good way to make a bunch of foreigners look like total creeps to the museum staff, I promise you this information came from a reliable source.
Perhaps you'll want to try the phrase in Korean: 대구미술관이 보고 싶었어요 (Daegu misulguani bogo shiputsuyo)

If you actually skipped ahead to this part, I fear we have little in common...

But here's something I know you'll like: Leeahn Gallery's exhibition of film and photography from Eve Sussman, her collaborative team Rufus Corporation, and Simon Lee.

Rufus Corporation 'whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir'

Rufus Corporation 'whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir'

'whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir' (the main video piece of the exhibition) is a film noir which was a featured selection at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. The structure of the film is explained on the Rufus Corporation website: "Pushing the envelope of cinematic form, the film is edited live in real time by a custom programmed computer they call the 'serendipity machine.' whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir delivers a changing narrative - culled from 3,000 clips, 80 voice-overs and 150 pieces of music - that runs forever and never plays the same way twice...Driven by key words, the work seamlessly comes together as a movie – that is not a movie."
Other photographic works and collaborations from Sussman are on exhibition as well, but I won't be like those facebook friends who spoiled Game of Thrones for you by giving away too much -- just be sure plan a visit to Leeahn Gallery before May 3rd to see it for yourself.

DSC_0415 (1).JPG

Leeahn Gallery
Take exit 9 at the Banwoldang subway station. Go to the right and head down Bongsan Culture Street. At the end of culture street, continue straight (south). Leeahn Gallery is on your left before you get to the road with the monorail.
Here's a map to help

Daegu National Museum -
Click HERE for detailed instructions from the Manchon subway stop on Line 2. Click HERE for less detailed instructions but more bus route options found on the museum's website.

- Lisa Highfill