It's Play Time In Daegu

The Daegu Compass will host their first Daegu Play Day this weekend, July 12th.  A number of past [b]racket artists will be participating in the event which will include live art shows, stamp making workshops, window and chalk art, musical and street performances, and a flea market. The event starts at 5PM downtown at Daegu Citizen's Hall. Click HERE for the facebook event with directions to the hall. Be sure to take lots of pictures at the event and share them with us! #DaeguPlayDay

by JimmySK, who will be painting live at Daegu Play Day

by JimmySK, who will be painting live at Daegu Play Day

Good news! Now you have another way to eat up all the art and words [b]racket offers every month. Our team member Jacob Morris has worked tirelessly to create our first ever FREE [b]racket app for the ipad. We've put together a video below that shows you just how to find and navigate the app. This new format will bring the same magazine you're used to straight to your ipad. It will also allow us to include videos from visual artists who work with film or animation. We're always looking for new ways to share more art coming out of Korea with the world. Download it, enjoy, and spread the word!

As with any feedback you have for us [b]racket folks, let us know what you love or wish you loved more about the app in the comments section.

- Lisa Highfill