A Little Something To Tide You Over

It's been a pretty press-heavy past month for [b]racket, and we're not complaining. We were recently interviewed by Korean newspaper imaeil. You can read the Korean version HERE. Our friend Hae Eun Lee was kind enough to translate it to English for us non-Korean speakers. Check it!

I met with the editors of bracket magazine. They provide spaces for artists to exhibit their work. They are interested in having artists in the magazine who are talented but who might not have had another chance to show their work in a gallery or another space.
The editors are not Korean, they are foreigners who all live in Daegu. I met designer Chris Cote, Words editor Sybille Cavasin and Lisa Highfill the blog and digital editor. They get together in the mornings or evenings to edit the next issue of bracket together.
They are trying to improve communication between artists and the community. They provide a space for people to show their art. They are also giving readers a chance to experience new art through the magazine. In October 2012 the Magazine was first published. Three people worked together (Jess, Chris and Greg). Their intention for the magazine was very pure. They noticed a gap between artists who are well known and artists who aren’t. Mr. Cote says that in Korea there are two kinds of artists, ones who may exhibit their work in galleries and others who do not have a chance to show their work. Both may be hard working and great artists but they are not all able to put their work into the public eye. Chris said they wanted to create a space for artists who haven’t been given a chance to show work, even though they are talented.
The magazine has 6 artists for each month, and the magazine is free. [b]racket provides a space for people to enjoy artwork outside of a website or gallery. There are several places where you can find the magazine. Downtown at T.morning café they have a gallery space. Here, people can enjoy pictures on the wall while they enjoy a coffee. They can also purchase the art there. [b]racket uses this space to showcase a new artist every two months.
Chris, Lisa and Sybille are all related to art in some way. Cavasin Graduated from NSCAD, Mr Cote worked making silkscreen prints in Seattle and Lisa is a writer. Even though they are sometimes busy and cannot dedicate as much time to art, they are passionate.
The only source of income for the magazine is used to support the magazine and publish the next issue. They get a lot out of working for the magazine. Joy instead of money. Mr cote said, Some people think they are crazy but if money was involved the magazine would not be the same. Without money, they can just be passionate about what they do and put high quality content in the magazine. Meeting new artists is the best reward for them. They can enjoy the art and feel happy when they find a talented artist who has not been given the spotlight yet.
Highfill says she is so happy to have a chance to meet artists through the T.morning gallery and working for bracket. Writing for the blog allows her to discover and share new places for seeing art. Whenever she gets a positive response from the public, she is satisfied with her work. You can also advertise through the magazine. 2 months ago [b]racket expanded their working area and now distribute to Daegu, Busan and Seoul. There are various places in each city where you can find [b]racket. Sending the magazine to other cities in Korea is one of their goals that they have achieved. Another goal is to advertise the magazine itself so more people can see the art and discover new artists. It is easy to participate with[b]racket magazine. Artists who want to take part can visit their website to see the guidelines of submitting work to them. The [b]racket people say that the most important thing is the sincerity of an artist. Anyone who loves what they do with their heart and is serious about their craft should submit work. They want to share work from an artist who is genuine and cares about what they do. Sincerity is easy to see and they want to show that with the magazine.

Remember that we won't be publishing [b]racket for the month of July. But that doesn't mean we aren't hard at work on the August issue. It will be a very different [b]racket than you're used to and will feature more pieces of art than the magazine has ever put in one issue. All the more to feast your eyes on!

SNEAK PEEK: August 2014 featured artist Lee Su Youn "After Marriage The Reality".

SNEAK PEEK: August 2014 featured artist Lee Su Youn "After Marriage The Reality".

- Lisa Highfill