Art Fix: Jung Jae Hoon Shows Us How It's Made

The Y Artist Project room is always what I save for last whenever I make the trip to Daegu Art Museum. At first it was by accident -- I had no idea the space even existed, and stumbled upon it tucked away in what is essentially the basement and garage of the museum. Now I intentionally make it my last stop whenever I visit because I know I'll being leaving on a high note.

Jung Jae Hoon's current exhibition in the Y Artist Project room, entitled esquisse, confirmed that I had once again saved the best for last. I happened to go to the museum during a time when the exhibitions in the main building were on their way out, but Jung's work in the Y Artist Project room had been freshly installed. The crew was positioning the last pieces as my friend and I walked through the door. The 4th installation of the project, which was created by the museum to discover “capable young artists”, is probably the most impressive exhibition they have presented thus far.

Jung embarked on this body of work by questioning the fundamentals of sculpture itself. For some of his pieces, he began with the bare bones of a single plank of wood, cut out the necessary pieces, gathered the hardware, and then created the sculpture. But the finished product isn’t the only piece of art that Jung felt should be displayed. As the name of the exhibition suggests, the planning stages and laborious construction process of sculpture are what Jung chose to present as his art.

Jung says that his work is a productive process where he is physically and temporally involved in his medium. You can see what he means when you view the enormous birch board pieces that are covered in intricate, almost magic-eye patterns of tightly grouped washers and screws. It's hard to imagine how much time, precision and physical effort these impressive pieces required from the artist.

The work that seems most set apart from the other pieces made of wood and hardware are Jung's numerous sculptures of primitive human forms. Set in the center of the exhibition, their bodies and poses also suggest the themes of planning and construction.

esquisse will be on display in the Y Artist Project room until September 21st. On your next visit to DAM, be sure to save it for last.

How do I get to Daegu Art Museum?
Take the green line to Daegu Grand Park station and go out exit 5. There is a free shuttle that runs every 30 minutes on the hour.

Yeah, but how do go I get to the Y Artist Project room specifically?
When facing the front entrance of the museum, walk to the right and around the side of the building. Go down the steps and to the left towards the garage. You will see apple crates on your left before you walk in the door. Once inside, follow the ramp up and to the left and there you are. If you have trouble finding the Y Artist Project room, ask someone at the museum's front desk for assistance. 

- Lisa Highfill

Photos courtesy of Daegu Art Museum