Art Fix: 3 Events Not To Be Missed

I love how easy it is to make a last minute decision to go see art in Daegu. You don't have to set aside hours out of your day to visit the DAM in order to get your art fix (although it's always worth the trip). While I was downtown this week, I took a side trip over to Bongsan Culture Center and was surprised to recognize the style of a past [b]racket artist: Kwon Jae Hyun. Viewing new work from past [b]racket artists always makes me feel like I'm catching up with a cousin that I haven't seen in a while. I'm happy to see they're still producing great work and being creative. Jae Hyun has three new pieces on display as a part of GAP (2014 Glassbox Artist Project) along with seven other Korean artists. His geometric style is instantly recognizable and as impressive as ever. 

Maria Vazquez Castel has been exhibiting her work at Space Gachang this week. On Friday, it will be current [b]racket artist (and Gachang Art Studio artist-in-residence) Giuseppe Santagata's turn to show us what he's been working on. A leap into the shadows will be on display beginning this Friday, March 28th, and will run until April 3rd. As before, Space Gachang will be open every day from 11AM to 6PM. Be sure to take this opportunity to view Giuseppe's work outside of the pages of [b]racket. Click the flyer below for a map to Space Gachang.

Mark your calendars for April 26th! That's when Daegu will host Big Day South: an audio + visual festival that will showcase talent from three of Korea's largest cities outside of Seoul. Artists and musicians from Daegu, Ulsan and Busan will come together to showcase some of the best artistic talent in the south. The idea of the festival sprang from the misconception that South Korea outside of Seoul is culturally barren in terms of art and music. [b]racket Magazine, I Like Many Records and Angle Magazine know that isn't the case, and we've come together to show you what these three southern cities have got. 

Tickets to the event will be for sale at Social Market and T. Morning on the day of the festival. Check out the facebook event HERE for the full day's schedule of events. See you on the 26th!

- Lisa Highfill