Art Fix: Artists From [b]racket's Past And Future

Korea loves a good photo booth. Andy Knowlton, a featured Seoul artist in our October 2013 issue, has created photo booths out of phone booths. Andy's phone/photo booths do not come equipped with the editing station that you're used to in Korea, and you can't decorate your pictures with random hangul bubble-text, teddy bears, or hearts. Andy's booths feature the bare minimum: a disposable camera secured to the booth with tape and a padlock. Once enough pictures have been snapped by strangers, he develops them and tapes the unedited photos inside the booths. There is a sweet sincerity to all of the photos captured--even the ubiquitous fuzzy middle-finger snap shot.

It's not surprising that Andy has embarked on another project that he has chosen to essentially give away. He's always been an artist who likes to leave it all behind. When living in America, Andy regularly wrote poems in movie theaters and coffee shops, then abandoned his work for someone else to discover. In Korea, he has art bombed Seoul with paintings, poetry, and handmade dolls made out of trash. His processes itself is simple, honest and poetic, as are the unedited photos that are randomly snapped with the disposable cameras. Check out the video above to see how Andy made phone booths in Seoul a lot more fun.

Let's take a peak in to the future together, shall we? Maria Vazquez Castel, a photographer slated to be in [b]racket's May 2014 issue, will be begin exhibiting her work this week at Gachang Art Studio where she is a current artist-in-residence. Her work will be displayed March 21st thru the 27th. The space will be open for you to enjoy her work from 11AM to 6PM everyday. Be sure to stop by and try to pick out which pieces we'll include in our May issue. Click the flyer below for a map to Gachang Art space.

- Lisa Highfill