Load 'Em Up, Ship 'Em Out

Guess where these babies went this week?

...to their new homes in Seoul and Busan, that's where!

We're spreading like a virus...if that virus intended to enrich communities and act as a professional platform for up and coming artists living in Korea. Now we've got free [b]racket mags in three of the largest cities in the ROK. We're so happy to be growing our audience and we hope that being in more cities will facilitate more artists discovering [b]racket and submitting their work to be shared with all of you.

Check out the Locations tab at the top of the page to see all of the new places you can find [b]racket.

As for art that you can enjoy outside of the pages of [b]racket, Social Market in Daegu is currently hosting an exhibition. PROJECT A is a collection of work from VICTIM, a Korean art collective. The work will be on display and for sale until the end of March. Go! See!

How to get there: From Exit 3 of Jungangro Station on Line 1, go one block straight (on bus street) and you'll see Dong-a pharmacy (동아약국). Social Market is right next to the pharmacy.

- Lisa Highfill