Art Fix: Pechakucha Daegu Vol. 4

On Friday, September 20th, BMW's Mini Lounge hosted the 4th Pechakucha Daegu.

Mesh Printing - [b] racket's artistic duo Christopher Cote and Jess Hinshaw - made the wicked poster.

Steven Skorski, most recently involved with [b]racket in our gallery show [b] list, discussed his work teaching architecture at Keimyung University. Architecture's a difficult thing to grasp, even in one's mother tongue. Skorski, teaching in English, has the second hurdle of teaching students in a nonnative language. Rather than just using an endless stream of reworded explanations, he focuses on the visuals architecture and art to communicate concepts past the language barriers that arrise teaching in English at a Korean university.

Other presenters were Inhye Kim, SooJung Kim, and Sung Choi, the ladies of the amazing independent bookstore The Pollack. If you haven't been yet, you should get on that and go. Here's a map. And, you can always pick up a copy of [b]racket while you're there.

One of the coolest things about this Pechakucha? Live video chats with other Pechakuchas all over the world that were happening at the same time. The next Pechakucha for Daegu hasn't been scheduled yet. But we'll keep on top of that and let you know when it is.

What is Pechakucha? Click and find out.

~ Kita Mendolia