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[b]racket's one-year anniversary is coming up with the release of our October 2013 issue in just a little bit. One year. 11 issues of awesome art and even more awesome people (July is for vacations, not for work). We've been able to share an incredible amount with you, dear readers. So, we'd like to ask, what did you think of our first year? Did you have a favorite issue? A favorite artist? What do we do well, and what can we improve on? Did you come to the gallery or the opening reception? Comments? Feel free to let us know any wayward thought you might have about what we do. Do you love us, like us, hate us? (We super hope you don't hate us.) Email us: bracket.magazine@gmail.com

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Happy Chuseok, everyone. We hope you spending it exactly as you wish to.

~ Kita Mendolia

Brandon Inman

Brandon Inman, November 2012 issue